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"I purchased a Vulcan S ABS from Mike after going all over the state getting pricing and checking models. Mike gave me an excellent price but most of all I liked dealing with the same person who will be servicing and maintaining my new purchase. His "Hands" on sales and service gave me the feeling I would be taken care of if there was ANY problem. I am 64 years old and one thing I have learned, the best deal is not necessarily the BEST deal when it comes to "After The Sale Followup"."
By: Calvin    Bridgton, ME

"Mike explains exactly what he has done on the job requested step by step also double checks for other wear and tear parts as well or what your atv may need in the future this is why I keep coming back!"
By: Brandon    West Paris , ME

"Seldom do I make recommendations, however JEM Motorsports is an exception. I have a small fleet of recreational vehicles ranging from atvs to snowmobiles that are primarily used for my family's personal enjoyment although I find myself using them to assist with daily Fire and Rescue operations. Mr. Colley's professional working wisdom combined with genuine interest in the customer is second to none. I can say without reservation his establishment has by far provided me with nothing less than 100% satisfaction. His work is professional and timely, estimates are always on the money, and he is more than willing to discuss/show you what he diagnosed and or repaired. At first I was hesitant to approach Michael considering the majority of my fleet was manufactured by the competition, however he was more than willing to accept the challenge. In fact, I notice that there tends to be a significant amount of the competitions product at his establishment for repair/service and it is evident why- His work second to none. I know I can be a demanding customer with high expectations- I have yet to be less than 100 % satisfied. I know as I replace equipment in the future I am going to use his products and services whenever possible. In short, he has earned my business as well as my respect. Respectfully, ~Jon Longley Deputy Fire Chief"
By: Jon    paris, ME

"This was the easiest buying experience I have ever had. I got a great bike for an amazing price. In fact the price was so good I was able to get some accessories for my bike and my payments are very manageable. I am extremely pleased with the product I purchased and even more pleased with the services that were provided in helping me live out a dream in buying my first brand new anything. Thank you so, so, so much JEM Motorpsorts Kawasaki for such an amazing experience. "
By: Aaron    Harrison, ME

"If you haven't been here before you're missing out! Mike is the best business owner I've ever purchased from. Mike is always there to help, and answer questions. Mike will recommend parts that are the best for your consumer needs, not what's going to cost you the most money. If you want durability, he'll recommend you a list of the best parts for what you need. If you want a quality service and someone who cares about the consumer and the product, then go to JEM Motorsports, I can promise you, you'll never want to go anywhere else for parts, work etc."
By: Kaleb    South Paris, ME